Certified Knowledge Business Coach

Jason Gan - Certified Knowledge Business Coach in Sydney

Consultative Sales Coach, Webinar Funnel Coach and Joint Venture Marketing Coach

​​Coaching Services

We provide Consultative Sales Training Program, Webinar Funnel Training Program and Joint Venture Marketing Training Program and Knowledge Business Coaching Services for our clients.

In addition, we are able to speak native Chinese (mandarin), so if you are looking for a business coach who can speak Chinese and help you launch your coaching, consulting and speaking business in the Chinese market, then we are able to connect you with our network in the Chinese market.


  • Completed Accelerated Coaching Certification and got over 200 hours of paid One-On-One Coaching Hours
  • Completed Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Business Mastery Program
  • Completed Tony Robbins’ Knowledge Business Broker and Project Program
  • Completed Jeff Walker and Don Crowther’s Webinar Funnel Blueprint Program
  • Completed Russell Brunson’s Two Comma Club Coaching Program


The benefits we will provide for our clients include:

  • Work with them to successfully launch their first irresistible offer for their knowledge based business
  • Work with them to develop joint venture partnership for their product launch
  • Work with them to build their first Webinar Funnel


We are passion about helping experts package their unique values into knowledge based products and then market their products to their target audience.

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