Lahaina Daudt Branding & Confidence Coach in Sydney

Branding & Confidence Coach

Lahaina Daudt - Branding & Confidence Coach in Sydney

Strategies That Work

​​Coaching Services

  • I support you with Branding & Photography
  • Providing Clarity & Direction
  • And techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blocks


  • Certified Results Coach
  • Over 80 hours of 1on1 coaching


Whether you already have a business or only an idea, if you need guidance, structure and self-confidence to tap into your most authentic self, you are in the right place. I can support you in getting clear in what you want and need in order to level up your life and business and get paid to do what you love.


My mission is to support Female Entrepreneurs to find their voice, their image and their self-confidence to stand out in the marketplace. To empower soul-driven women to create long-lasting mindset transformation and self-confidence by releasing limiting beliefs and fears; as a result, her clients can confidently tap into their inner confidence & manifest their deepest desires to up-level their lives.

Lahaina Daudt Branding & Confidence Coach in Sydney

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