Natascha Op de Hipt

Mindset & Business Coach

Natascha Op de Hipt - Mindset & Business Coach in Sydney

Founder of Blissunity Certified Results Coach, MBA

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Mindset & Business Coaching to transform struggling coaches into confident, fully booked Go-To Experts by using proven mindset techniques and intentional marketing strategies based on human psychology and brain science.


I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience helping coaches and service entrepreneurs creating, marketing and selling their services to dream clients.

I am a certified Results Coach with an ICF approved coaching program and I have an MBA in marketing.

My experience with working with new coaches allowed me to develop a strategy that has helped dozens of new coaches to get their first paying clients within less than 30 days – without using paid ads or having an existing audience.


By using intentionally marketing strategies, proven mindset techniques and tapping into the power of the subconscious mind, I help struggling coaches to:

  •  Adopt a Six-Figure Identity, so they can confidently charge & attract high paying clients consistently – without the worry or doubt.
  •  Reprogram their subconscious mind for success through the power of repetition, so they start thinking, feeling and acting like their Six-Figure Version of themselves.
  •  Clarify their niche and position themselves as the Go-to Expert in their industry.
  •  Master their Magnetising Marketing Message, so they can effectively communicate their service and charge what they are worth.
  •  Package their brilliance into a Premium Offer their dream clients can’t resist, so they can deliver transformations AND hit their income goals.
  •  Set up an Automated Client Getting System, so they have a pipeline of hot prospects coming to them consistently.
  •  Create Magnetic Content that fills their calendar with discovery calls within 48 hours.
  •  Close & convert High-Ticket Sales Calls at up to 80% in a way that feels GOOD & easy.


My mission is to create a strong belief in the world that it’s absolutely possible to make money from your passion and be highly successful doing what you love.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping coaches to build a thriving, heart-centred business.

I also love the power of the subconscious mind, Neuro-Marketing, psychology and influence as these tools provide outstanding results in a person’s business and life.

Natascha Op de Hipt

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I believe every coach can be fully booked with dream clients in under 6 months with the right mindset, strategy and support.

I can’t wait to show you that signing clients can be easy and fun.

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