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Internationally Certified Results Coach

Julius Charles Serrano - Internationally Certified Results Coach in Wellington, New Zealand

Helping IT professionals create their amazing vision and achieve it with ease and fun

​​Coaching Services
I’m offering my 8-Week Results Breakthrough Program specially made for IT professionals - web developers, visual designers, user experience consultants, and quality assurance testers.

The Results Breakthrough Program is perfect for you if you’re an IT professional who wants to:

  • Eliminate burnout, low motivation, overwhelm, or feeling stuck
  • Manage emotions like anxiety, anger, frustration, or uncertainty
  • Become the most productive and efficient member of your team and company
  • Create a step-by-step plan that will take you to the next level of your career

We’ll have a weekly 60-minute call where we’ll work together to achieve your desired result in a fun and friendly environment.

Authentic Education accelerates your path to sharing your message, making a difference and making an income doing what you love. We achieve this through world class courses and an inspiring community.


  • Totally blind since 2000. So you’re working with someone who has a one-of-a-kind ability to listen – really listen – to you authentically and actively.
  • Trained and certified by Mr Benjamin Harvey, co-founder of Authentic Education, an award-winning training company in Australia. So you’re working with someone who’s mentored by one of the best in the coaching and personal development industry.
  • 15-year experience as an IT professional. So you have someone with you who totally understands the problems you’re facing.
  • More than 10 years of studying personal development. So you can tap into a vast wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the field of personal transformation.
  • Active member of Authentic Education’s high-end mastermind. So you have someone who continuously learns and grows to serve you with excellence.


When you work with me, you’ll:

  • Experience the joy of being crystal-clear on your goal and your ultimate vision
  • Feel a deep sense of relief as you eliminate everything that prevents you from achieving your goal
  • Enjoy consistent confidence as you create a daily plan you’ll be excited to implement


I am passionate about helping IT professionals overcome their challenges and achieve their most desired goals. It’s because these brilliant people have enhanced my life as a blind person who uses the Internet every day. From online banking apps to online e-commerce sites, they have made my life so much easier and fun.

If you are a professional who creates or develops web content, please know that I am eternally grateful to you.

Internationally Certified Results Coach in Wellington New Zealand Julius Charles Serrano image

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