Want to create an endless stream of new clients?(Even if you're starting from scratch, on a small budget, or not tech savvy) Attend...

"Facebook Ads Made Easy"

An exclusive evening course with Cham Tang, Head of Marketing and Co-founder of Authentic Education (2 time BRW Award winner)


August 8th (Thurs) 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Level 3, 169 Castlereagh St, Sydney

(Tickets are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.)

Frequently Asked Questions​

Is it REALLY Free? Why?

What kind of business is Facebook Advertising good for?

What if I'm new to marketing or business?

Will you be selling something at this course?

What if I'm not 'Tech Savvy'?

What should I do if I'm on a shoestring budget?

What if I don't have any time for marketing?

I don't have a website, will I get anything out of the course?

Are there going to be multiple speakers?

Will this course be worth my time?

Do many people attend the event alone?

Who is Cham Tang and Authentic Education?

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Why did you create this course?

Who Is This Facebook Ads Course For?

  • Business owners that want to reliably attract more clients now
  • Both product and service based businesses from any industry (including B2B)
  • Beginners that don't know how to advertise on Facebook
  • Experienced advertisers that have spent less than $100,000 in Facebook ads cost
  • 9 to 5 escape artists that want to see how to market their business idea
  • Marketers that want to know how to improve Facebook ads for their clients

10 Great Reasons To Attend This FREE Evening Event...

Copy My 2 Highest Converting Ads

​I will breakdown the 5 parts to Facebook ads that generated us millions in revenue.

Use Small Budgets To Create Big Results

How you can start seeing results with just $5 a day

Save Money By Spying On Competitors

Shortcut the system by using competitor information to create effective ads

Attract clients without a website

How to get leads immediately, even without a landing page!

Multiply Your Results With Instagram Ads

Facebook owns Instagram. Learn which Instagram ads do/don't work well

Learn My Facebook Ads Formula

Refined over 9 years, $600,000 and private mentoring directly with Facebook

Triple your results With Lookalike Audiences

Hands down the best feature in Facebook Ads (when used correctly)

Stop your ads being disapproved (and your account being banned)

​Learn what the Facebook algorithm looks for

Build An Automated Client Stream

What you need to create a funnel that gives you an endless stream of new clients

Discover The 7 Best Marketing Methods

Boost your results with the only other 6 marketing strategies we recommend (besides Facebook Ads)

Why do most people Fail with Facebook Ads?

1. Confusion - The Facebook Ads platform is like a jungle. It's daunting because there are hundreds of confusing options to choose from.

2. Trial & Error - Even if you can figure out what each option means, you won't know what works for you. That takes trial & error (with Facebook ads costing you time & money).

3. No support - Facebook won't tell you why your ads aren't working, let alone give you specific advice on how to advertise on Facebook for results.

So, after a lot of confusion and cost, people come to the conclusion that Facebook ads don't work for them... and they give up.

That's a real shame because you're standing on a goldmine but you just don't know how to get the gold... an endless stream of new clients.

I understand because I was frustrated for years, spending thousands of dollars on ads and thousands more on training courses learning how to advertise on Facebook.

Meet Your Presenter...

Cham Tang is Head Of Marketing and Co-Founder of Authentic Education, a multi-million dollar 2 * BRW Award Winning Company.

Cham has handled all the marketing in the company since day 1 and is a Facebook Certified Professional Planner. In fact, Cham was personally selected by Facebook to be privately mentored, and has spent over $600,000 in Facebook ads.

Cham is passionate about helping difference-makers attract more clients with simple marketing strategies.

Cham has worked with speakers in the industry such as Anthony Robbins and Dr John Demartini from "The Secret".

The Results Speak For Themselves...

Robert Kirby

"We took Cham's training and he helped us realign our business, our marketing, our strategy. He helped us get our message clear. The outcome was extraordinary!
We had immediate response and since that time our sales have gone up 15% to 20% a year."

Marlie Van Doorn

"Got 20 bums on seats within the next 3 days as we expected it to be at least 2 weeks. Thought it would be approximately $15 - $30 on advertising spent per bum on seat, but with 26 tickets ordered and only spending $60 in advertising cost, we saved the client over $500 advertising cost and got the results a lot quicker."

Why are Facebook Ads a MUST have?

Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook hit 2.3 billion active users.

16 million Australians now actively use Facebook for an average of 50 minutes a day!

What's even more amazing, is the wealth of detailed information Facebook users share.

What does this mean for people looking to market their product or service? You must use Facebook because it's a pure goldmine!

Never before in the history of the world have you been able to:

  • * TARGET your marketing message to millions of people, 24/7
    * START seeing immediate results with just $5 a day in Facebook ads cost
    * AUTOMATE the entire process

... and all from the comfort of your computer.

That's why I decided to create this special evening course.

I have never revealed in public before the exact steps I use every time to create Facebook ads that work. This has been refined over the last 9 years and spending $600,000 in Facebook ads. We were such good customers, Facebook personally called me 5 times to help improve our ad spend!

Best of all, this 3 step formula can work for you and potentially revolutionize your entire business.

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Castlereagh Boutique

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August 8, 2019 (Thurs)
6:30pm - 9:30pm

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