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What Do Wealthy People Believe (That Poor People Don't)? Learn From The Founder of A BRW Fast 100 Company

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What do wealthy people know (that most people don't)?

Financial Freedom Formula

The fastest way to take control of your finances & elevate your lifestyle

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Discover the 4 things people like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Warren Buffett do to create wealth

Are you working hard for money?
Do you want to escape the rat race and live life on your terms?
Would you like to stop trading your time for money and start building real wealth?

The problem is most people were never taught wealth creation at school. So it's no wonder people have a pattern of lack and uncertainty in their finances. It doesn't have to be this way.

The secret is, that poor people work hard for money BUT wealthy people make money work hard for them... and so can you.

The good news is, wealth is a strategy... and strategies can be learned.

Regardless of your age or current financial situation, financial freedom is attainable. Better yet, it can happen faster than you think if you start now.

Isn't it time to take charge of your financial destiny for you and your family? Other people are living abundantly, so why not you? Why not now?

Learn how wealthy people think and act. Discover possible for you at this 1 day intensive course...

  • It's possible to have enough money to work on projects you're passionate about
  • It's possible to increase your income, increase your lifestyle and travel the world
  • It's possible to avoid money stress and retire well

We look forward to helping you create the financial freedom you deserve.

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Benjamin J Harvey
Co-founder of Authentic Education

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is the ability to sustain your ideal lifestyle without having to work again.
The way you achieve Financial Freedom is by using this timeless rule. Don't be fooled by its simplicity.

  1. Spend less.
  2. Earn more.
  3. Invest the difference.
  4. Repeat until your assets compound to provide the residual (passive) income for the lifestyle you desire.

Who is this course NOT for?

  • People who want to get-rich-quick with minimal effort
  • People who are searching for a silver bullet or some type of "trick" or "secret" that will make them rich
  • People who can't follow instructions or take feedback well

Who is this course for?

  • People who want the "how-to" steps to achieve financial freedom to live an abundant lifestyle
  • People who want to spend their time working on projects they're passionate about & get paid for it
  • People who have limited cashflow but want to increase their income & standard of living
  • People who need to change their mindset around money, finances and wealth creation
  • People who want reduce their debt and create a stress-free future for themselves and their loved ones

1 Day Course. 3 Experts. A Lifetime of Freedom.

Paul Birch
Financial Planner
(with 18+ years experience)

What Wealthy People Know
(But the Poor Do Not)

Terry Tran
Hedge Fund Manager
(Mentored directly by Warren Buffett)

How anyone can build wealth with shares
(like Warren Buffett)

Module #1: How To Create A Wealth Mindset

What's your Wealth Imprint? By the time we're 7, each of us already has been ingrained with beliefs about money. The scary thing is, because it's at a subconscious level it affects everything we do without us even knowing it.

In this module you'll discover the science and the psychology of wealth creation.

  1.  How your "Relationship" with Money affects your wealth
  2.  The 5 main Asset Classes for financial freedom
  3.  How you can break Mental Patterns of lack, or worthiness that limit you
  4.  Where to start if you're in debt or have Low Cashflow
  5.  The Way of the Wealthy in 7 steps
  6.  How to create an Abundance Mindset and prosperity consciousness
  7.  The 5 Prosperity Profiles and discover which one you are... and more importantly, the single biggest thing you need to create wealth in your life, starting today

and much more...

Meet Benjamin J Harvey

Co-founder of Authentic Education

Ben is a speaker, coach and author with over a decade of experience working in the field of self-empowerment and human potential.

Having delivered 8,500+ one-on-one coaching sessions, Ben now specialises in helping people live abundantly on purpose.

In 2009 Ben Co-Founded Authentic Education which went on to achieve something that has never been done before in the history of personal development in Australia.

Authentic Education received the BRW Fast Starters Award in 2013 and then backed it up in 2015 by being named in the BRW Fast 100 as the 38th fastest growing company in Australia.

He has been trained and mentored by Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, and has been invited to speak by the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia and has consulted with businesses as diverse as Apple, Qantas and IBM.


Wealth Results Ben Has Helped People Create

Not only did Ben save our lives, he helped us grow a strong foundation for our marriage.
He enabled us to achieve some massive goals including paying off $150,000 of debt last month!

I highly recommend him and I am deeply grateful for his work.

- Taryn & Aaron Ryan

Ben has a gift and talent for helping people get what they want. Steve Job's gift was innovation and Ben's gift is uncovering his client's true personal power and wealth path.

After being coached by Ben I was able to breakthrough my blockages and make a $250,000 sale in 90 minutes.

- Ari Galper

I've been a property developer for 20 years. Ben not only showed me there's a science to success, but changed the program I call "me".

In 12 months, I went from developing 1 property worth $2.5 million, to 8 properties worth over $20 million (with no business partners or real estate support!).

- Sam Kassis


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Module #2: What Wealthy People Know (But the Poor Do Not)

There is a stark contrast between how the rich and poor handle their money. Paul Birch has seen this day-in, day-out over the last 18 years as a financial planner. He will show you what the wealthy know:

  1.  How to create a values-based Financial Plan
  2.  How to plan for Passive Income to sustain a great lifestyle
  3.  How the wealthy manage their Cashflow
  4.  Legal Tax Minimization strategies the wealthy use
  5.  Why you should have boring money but an exciting life
  6.  The power of Debt Recycling
  7.  How to Protect Your Assets and Transfer Wealth to your loved ones

and much more...

Meet Paul Birch

Financial Planner with 18+ years experience

Paul Birch is the 1% of financial planners trained in "values based" financial planning; where the achievement of a client's life plans, dreams and personal values come BEFORE the strategic pursuit of wealth creation.

With clients across Australia and offices in Sydney & Melbourne, Paul and his Pacific Wealth team look after a diverse range of clients and is a member of the AFA (Association of Financial Advisers).

Module #3: How anyone can build wealth with shares (like Warren Buffett)

Terry will teach you how he's helped ordinary people achieve a 90% success rate on trades they place, including:

  1.  How Passive Income is possible with shares
  2.  12 point guide to Selecting Stocks Successfully
  3.  Top 10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid in your 40's and 50's
  4.  How to match your Personality with your investment style
  5.  Achieve high returns while Limiting Your Downside
  6.  How long it takes to learn Investing & Trading
  7.  How to trade your way to Financial Freedom

and much more...

Meet Terry Tran

Hedge Fund Manager (Mentored directly by Warren Buffett)

Terry Tran is a hedge fund manager and founder of The Freedom Trader. He has over 20 years experience in finance in companies such as National Australia Bank.

Terry's love of investing led him to quit his job and begin investing and trading full time. He was personally mentored by Warren Buffett for over 2 years.

His mission is to help people just like you create financial, time and location freedom through safe, consistent investing in every market condition, even if you are a complete beginner.

Wealth Results Terry Has Helped Create

The success I am having for less than 3 months of trading is truly remarkable and wonderful.

I picked up Unilever on 28 Nov (one of my first real trades) and sold it this morning (+20%).
I also ended up selling BBRY with a 36% gain.

- Tony Carlisle, SA

During the past six weeks, my portfolio has increased 11%! Two stocks increased by more than 30%!

More importantly, dividends paid into my account in 2016 has totaled more than any previous calendar year of investing! Thank you for providing a solid road map for investing.

- Tom Grisham, USA

I would have never thought I could have the confidence to buy and sell stocks on the US market.

I have only had funds in the US stock market for 3 months and averaging 6.63% return on completed investments. Not bad for a novice and only 3 months in the market.

- Tricia Butler, WA


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8:30am - Registration Opens - A friendly crew member will greet and register you

9am - Course Begins - We start on time! If you’re running late, our customer service desk is outside the room & open all day)

9:15am - Learning Begins - We get straight into content. No dancing on stage, hugging strangers or listening to the speaker's long life story
* Times for the 3 speakers on stage vary in each city depending on their own schedules

11am - Break for 20 minutes
+ Get your specific questions answered by the speakers, the Authentic Education staff and our support crew
+ Network with like-minded people

1pm - Lunch break for 60 minutes

4pm - Break for 20 minutes - Ask questions and network

6pm - Special prize draw - We give away over $5000 worth of prizes throughout the day, with the biggest prize at 6pm

630pm - Course finishes
+ You will leave feeling inspired with an action plan to go with it
+ You may have also formed long-lasting connections with like-minded people
+ We stick around to answer any specific questions

The next day
+ You receive a special surprise bonus
+ But more importantly, it will be the start of a new and empowering direction in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it REALLY Free? Why?

Yes. Like Google, we use the "Freemium" way of marketing. We deliver free, high quality services without holding anything back. That's because free events make it easier for us to empower far more people.

Am I obliged to invest or buy something?

No, you won't be obligated or directly approached to buy anything! (We hate those events too).

The program will have cutting edge content however our time together is very limited. Therefore further educational resources and programs will be offered for purchase at the event. You're not obligated to buy anything. We have found that 'karma' has a way of rewarding us for our good work anyhow 🙂

Do I need to bring money in order to attend?

You don't need to bring a cent to the event. We will be providing you with the knowledge on how to remove any blocks that are stopping you from creating an abundant lifestyle, as well as the tools how to generate the income you truly deserve. There will no selling of shares or property at this event.

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

We DON'T believe in 'magic pills' or 'silver bullets'. To achieve true and long-lasting wealth takes more than a quick fix. Our course is based on practical and proven strategies that when applied, have been an effective way to generate income.

Why did we create The Financial Freedom Formula?

Our mission is to help people live abundantly on purpose. Finances are a part of that because it gives them the freedom and options to design life on their own terms.

All of the speakers at this course started from nothing and had to create their wealth from scratch. That's why they are passionate about helping others achieve the financial freedom they deserve.

Is this a multi-speaker pitch fest?

No, it will not be an event with 10 different speakers lining up to sell you 10 different products.

All 3 of the speakers have known each other for years and their investing approaches align and fit nicely together.

Why won't I learn property investing?

Our time together is limited. And your focus is also limited. We wanted to focus on the 3 most popular topics people wanted to learn: Mindset, Financial planning and Shares. We have also found over the years that these three topics are responsible for some of the fastest and most sustainable wealth creation results possible.


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