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The Free Public Speaking Group online Zoom meeting is for beginner and intermediate public speakers, presenters that want to practice their sales skills or presentations, or learners of any kind that want to build their communication or confidence. (It's also a friendly place to learn or practice your skills and have a whole lot of fun)

Why did we start the Free Public Speaking Group?

Most people have fears around public speaking. The thought of forgetting what to say, looking silly or getting blank stares from people is enough to turn a man into a mouse...and techniques like "picturing everyone in their underpants", memorizing lines and "just be yourself" have limited benefit.

You can THINK about it all you want, but the best way to build your confidence and a killer presentation is to PRACTICE. There's just no substitute for the real thing, and this public speaking training gives you just that.

Why do people attend?

People attend for a variety of reasons...from improving their sales presentations, building their confidence, to becoming the next Barack Obama.

What makes this online public speaking training unique?

I enjoy the thrill and personal growth of public speaking and attended many public speaking groups and courses. I liked them but I saw TWO main areas for improvement. Here's what makes this group unique:

Difference #1 - Practice Time

Other groups have 15 people meet up for 2 hour where only ONE person talks at a time. Once you count the time in between speakers and 2 minutes for feedback, you're left with only 5 minutes of practice time for the whole event!

With this group, you break off into smaller groups and the way it's organized means you TRIPLE your talk time.

Difference #2 - Feedback

Other groups have only ONE person give feedback on your presentation and they are usually way too polite. This doesn't help you in the long run.

With this group, you give and receive honest, anonymous feedback from MULTIPLE people. It's written down and handed to the speaker which means time saved and they easily remember how to improve next time.

Difference #3 - Speaking Tips From A BRW Fast 100 Company

You will also learn and practice 3 powerful tips each meeting. These have been designed by Benjamin J Harvey, a professional public speaker that has given hundreds of presentations from boardrooms, Sydney radio stations, teaching workshops to audiences of up to a thousand people.

It's extremely rewarding to see people come to life and be more of who they are as they progress in their skills each meeting. So please check it out yourself and register now!

Why Should You Attend This Event?

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I talk about?

You can talk about anything you like. Alternatively, you get given a random topic to speak on (which builds the necessary skill of thinking on the spot).

Will I be taught how to be a public speaker?

Each week we will give you a new skill to learn and practice. While these are not public speaking courses or speaking classes, they are just as beneficial due to the amount of practice you get.

Is it just for presenting from stage?

No, it's for improving any type of presentation and platform skills, leadership skills, confidence building, making 1-on-1 presentations and learning how to be a persuasive speaker.

Is this like Toastmasters International?

No, the focus is more on practicing and not like their "speechcraft program".

Event Details (Live Online Via Zoom)


Sep 9 (Wed), 1pm - 2pm (Sydney Time)
Sep 16 (Wed), 10am - 11am (Sydney Time)

* Live Via Zoom

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