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Free Speed Networking

The BIGGEST networking event across Australia

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Free Speed Networking is a fun & structured Networking Group!

What is Speed Networking?

A more effective way to network. You meet someone new every 6 minutes. The time limit makes it ok to get straight to the point! We let everyone know when to change. This takes the stress out of introducing yourself and finishing the conversation.

Why did the group start

Please read these questions!

  • Have you ever been to a networking event or Small Business Networking Group and got stuck talking to someone for ages and you were too polite to say anything?!
  • Didn't know when or how to ask for someone's business card?
  • Do you want to meet new people but don't feel like going by yourself?
  • Do you wish there was a place you could connect with like minded people regularly?
  • Have you ever had to sit through a long-winded speech at a networking event which didn't even apply to you?
    If you can understand any of those, then that's how Free Speed Networking events started.

Why do people go?

  • Business Networking - Expand your business through referrals, new business contacts and discussing anything else important to entrepreneurs!
  • Social Networking - Meet new people and have a fun experience...on a weeknight!
  • Communication Skills - The opportunity to talk to so many new people is perfect for improving social and communication skills!

How It Works & Agenda

  • General networking for 20 minutes.
  • Introduction & Quick Overview of Free Speed Networking.
  • Speed Networking for 30 minutes (meet 5 new people)
  • Find someone to Speed Network with - If you can't find a partner, one of our volunteers will help you.
  • Start your 6 minute conversation
  • You talk for 2 minutes - During this time the other person could ask you questions.
  • The other person talks for 2 minutes - This ensures that each person gets time to speak.
  • The next step - The last 2 minutes you both exchange details (optional) and plan the next action step. Eg. Email you tomorrow afternoon or meet for coffee on Thursday.
  • Facilitator signifies to move on - Say goodbye and hello to someone new!
  • 5 minute Speed Networking Tip - Now that you have some experience, we give you a tip to practice to make it even better.
  • Speed Networking for 30 minutes (meet 5 more people)
  • Thank you
  • General Networking (optional) - Stay and chat to people you met on the night or meet new people.
  • Free Speed Networking Finishes - You are glad you came because you had fun, met over 10 new people and you're excited to follow up with the new people you have met!

How is Free Speed Networking different?

  • Everyone will meet at least 10 different people a night
  • Perfect for attending by yourself because everyone will be encouraged to meet someone new anyhow!
  • Fun, safe and supportive environment to expand your networking skills!
  • We take the pressure of asking for the business card from you because speednetworking builds that into the night!
  • Structured evening - No wasted time with lengthy speeches or getting stuck talking to the same person for what seems like an eternity!

Why Should You Attend This Event?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people attend?

It varies, but approximately 50. People come from several locations!

I don't have a business, should I still come?

Yes, not everyone comes for business. You can still help other businesses by connecting them with the 100+ people you know.

I will be arriving late / leaving early. Is that ok?

Yes. SpeedNetworking starts after the initial 30 minutes of general networking. You can leave anytime after each of your 6 minute conversations.

What if I want to continue talking to someone for longer than 6 minutes?

You can do this in the general networking section at the end of the night. Also, you will most likely have their business card so you can connect anytime!

Is it like speed dating?

Kind of, except everybody is standing up and not everyone is single!

Is it like other small business networking groups?

Many people have small businesses, but many don't also. The atmosphere is more exciting because it's a Speed Networking Event.

What if I don't have a business card?

We will have blank cards you can write your details on. Feel free to bring your own also.

What should I bring?

Business cards, your friends, your radiant smile 🙂

Is it free?

Yes! (In future, we could charge a small amount depending on venue costs)

What's the dress code?

Casual clothing is allowed at the venue, but we recommend smart casual as it is a relaxed yet professional environment.

How can I improve my networking skills?

Read these networking tips.

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