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Adelaide  June 24, Sun
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Melbourne  June 30, Sat
Sydney  July 7, Sat

Brisbane  July 14, Sat
Gold Coast 
July 15, Sun
July 17, Tue      
  * 9:30am - 5:45pm each day

(Tickets are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.)

"If you've ever dreamed of making a difference by sharing your message, service or product with the world, then here's good news..."

We're running a series of FREE 1-day Courses in all major cities where we'll give you the exact steps to use for getting a flood of high-quality (and high-paying) clients.

The event is called "Marketing Your Message" and I invite you to attend completely Free (there's no hype, just actionable content!)...

Here's What You'll Learn In This Powerful 1-Day Course (FREE):

The 7 Critical Steps To Success With Facebook Ads

After spending over $550,000 on Facebook ads, Cham has 'unlocked the code' to Facebook marketing. Watch Cham create our best Facebook Ads LIVE on stage & explain why it works

Get BIG Results From Small Lists

Learn why size doesn't always matter! Get great results fast from a small list (or small budget)

How To Get A 500% Return On Your Marketing Spend

Including the step-by-step method that costs $20 a month but attracts over 20,000 people... and generates over $1 million revenue

New To Marketing? (Full Marketing Road-map Included)

Learn exactly how to get started, even if you've never built a website or placed an online advertisement before

How To Generate Clients & Sales On Demand... With 100% Predictability

Learn the proven marketing secrets that will generate a flood of new business for you... even if you're starting from scratch

How To Make Sure Your Website Appears At The Top Of Google Searches (SEO)

Learn the proven techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) that have resulted in thousands of free prospects to our websites

How To Leverage Instagram For Your Business (No Matter What Your Industry)

Discover how to use Instagram to engage with your ideal prospects, and grow your business like never before

Attract Clients Without A Website

How to attract leads and clients NOW, even without having a website or landing page!

The 7 Most Cost-Effective... Yet Little Used... Online Marketing Methods

Including one where you can start seeing results with just $5 a day 

How To Totally AUTOMATE Your Marketing So You Attract New Business 24/7/365

Discover exactly what you need to create an automated 'sales funnel' that gives you an endless stream of new clients without effort

So... Who Is This Free Course For?

  • People that have a message to share including coaches, speakers, authors, online educators or practitioners
  • People who have a new business idea, but no idea on how to get new clients or customers
  • Existing business owners with a product or service that want to attract more clients with proven marketing methods

Meet Your Presenter For The Day....

Cham Tang is Head Of Marketing and Co-Founder of Authentic Education,
a multi-million dollar BRW Fast Starters 100 Company.

Cham has handled all the marketing in the company since day 1 and is a Facebook Certified Professional Planner. In fact, Cham was personally selected by Facebook to be privately mentored, and has spent over $550,000 in Facebook ads, and over $2-million in online advertising.

He has worked with speakers in the industry such as Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and Chris Howard.

Cham is passionate about helping difference-makers attract more clients with simple marketing strategies.

What People Are Saying About Cham Tang...

Robert Kirby

"Cham helped us realign our business, our marketing, our strategy, helped us get our message clear, to rebadge and rename our courses... Since that time 3 years ago, our sales have gone up 15% to 20% a year. We're very excited about it"

Marlie Van Doorn

"Got 20 bums on seats within the next 3 days as we expected it to be at least 2 weeks. Thought it would be approximately $15 - $30 on advertising spent per bum on seat, but with 26 tickets ordered and only spending $60 in advertising cost, we saved the client over $500 advertising cost and got the results a lot quicker."

Sonja Courtis

"My first presentation was to 17 people. Of those 17, 5 of them I didn't know and of those 5, 3 actually signed up for my program. I'm really grateful for the support and giving me the confidence and ability to go out and continue to do presentations."

Frequently Asked Questions​

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'Marketing Your Message' Will Be Held On The Following Dates Around Australia...

Adelaide  June 24, Sun
Parramatta   June 26, Tue
Melbourne  June 30, Sat
Sydney  July 7, Sat

Brisbane  July 14, Sat
Gold Coast 
July 15, Sun
July 17, Tue      
  * 9:30am - 5:45pm each day

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