"Want To Learn 8 Ways To Make $100k A Year Doing What You Love?"

Discover How to Find Your Passion and Start a Business or Side Hustle (From Scratch)

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'Prosper From Your Passion' Is Only Held Once Per Year

Who's It For?

  • Busy people that want to block out 1 entire day to focus on the direction of their life, career or business
  • check-square-o
    Anyone that's grinding away 9 to 5 in a job they don’t love
  • Anyone with a BIG idea or a PASSION they're not pursuing that doubts their ability to make it a reality
  • People who are thinking about starting a new business but don’t know where to start
  • People who want to share a positive message through coaching, presentations, workshops or online education
  • Existing successful business owners looking for more tips and strategies on how to create a better connection with their customers, work more efficiently and improve their current lifestyle
  • Anybody that wants to get better at presenting or improve their productivity

What You Will Learn In 1 Jam-Packed Day....

During this inspiring Free 1-day course you will learn how to uncover your true passion AND get paid well for doing what you LOVE.

This can be done either by creating a full-time or part-time business from scratch, or making yourself more valuable in your daily job.

Real world examples include (but not limited to) coaching, service based businesses, workshops, online and digital products, and more.

* Please note, Prosper From Your Passion has nothing to do with MLM, affiliate marketing, ebay, Amazon, or anything like that.

Here's what you'll learn on the day....

Module #1: 8 Key Functions To Activate Your Neurology

* High-level neuroscience behind self-confidence and starting a business
* How to remove self-doubt & resistance in your your mind and body
* … and much more

Module #2: Package Your Passion

* 5 step process to clarify your passion and package it up to create a product or service
* 8 ways to make $100k per year doing what you love (even if you're starting from scratch)
* … and much more

Module #3: Present Your Passion

* How to craft and deliver world class presentations in any environment using the PRO Formula
* Public speaking skills to move people with your message
* … and much more

Module #4: Propel Your Productivity

* Simplify your life to become the most productive & successful version of YOU
* Discover the fastest way to create the life of your dreams by getting more done with less stress
* … and much more

Module #5: The Roadmap

* Your action plan for creating a business doing what you love, starting today
* How to avoid common roadblocks on your path to building a successful business

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Solving The Passion Puzzle:

Would you agree, that some people have well paid jobs, but remain unfulfilled? And others are doing what they love, but they are financially poor?

The secret to prospering from your passion is you must combine these 3 key things:

1. What you love
2. What you’re good at
3. What pays well

But what if you feel like you don’t know any of these 3 things? Well….

1. “I don’t know what I love”

It’s a myth that you need to fall in love with something before you take action towards it and commit.

Think about a relationship… do you fall in love and commit to getting married before the first date? Of course not! So if you’re considering different careers expecting to immediately fall in love with one of them, you’re bound to fail. Just start dating a few ideas first.

Having said that, there’s a special process I’ll be sharing with you at the event to extract the essence of what you love, then find that essence in multiple different career paths.

2. “I’m not that good at anything”

Have you ever helped a friend or family member with your advice?
Have you ever researched a topic, learned something new then shared it with a friend?
Have you ever been to a course, seminar or workshop?

If so, then you can prosper from your passion too! You don’t have to be a “guru”. You just have to know how to join all the dots to make a business from it. We’ll unpack all of your knowledge at the event, and you’ll surprise even yourself.

3. “Will people pay me for it?”

Did you know a lady on YouTube makes $4million a year recording her hands playing with Barbie dolls?

Did you know a couple became millionaires selling glasses for dogs?

Did you know you can travel the world for free, and people will pay you to do it?

The possibilities are unlimited. The only limit becomes your knowledge and your thinking. This will all start to change once you attend the event.

Meet Your Trainer For The Day....

​Benjamin J Harvey is a Certified Coach with the ICF, Professional Trainer and Founder of Authentic Education (a BRW 2013 Fast Starters 100 and BRW 2015 Fast 100 Company).

* Note: There will be no other "assistant" trainers taking over. The entire course will be run by Benjamin J Harvey.

Having delivered well over 10,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and earning over six figures in just the first year of being certified as a coach, Ben now specializes in helping others live their love.

Ben has been invited to speak by the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia and has consulted with the largest organisations in Australia such as Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank.

What People Are Saying About Benjamin J Harvey

Dr John Demartini, The Secret

"I've gotten to know Ben on a deeper level. He is dedicated to transforming people's lives. He can not only make a difference in your business or finances, but in you saying THANK YOU, I get to do what I love today and I get paid for it. Learn everything you can from him."

Jay Conrad Levinson 

Father of Guerrilla Marketing - Author who sold more than 21 million books

"Ben is an expert on things the world should know about... Once people hear Ben’s wisdom... they are able to put action to the ideas in their mind and their heart."

John Assaraf, The Secret

"I get to choose who I work with anywhere in the world and Ben Harvey is one of the best. Ben helped me modify my presentation and the difference he's made has been absolutely phenomenal!"

Ari Galper

Creator of Unlock The Game

"Ben comes from a place of integrity and values. Life altering is an understatement. Ben's wisdom is profound."

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We currently have no future dates for this course. To get on the waiting list for any future dates, please fill in the form​.

'Prosper From Your Passion' Is Only Held Once Per Year

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