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Accelerated Coaching Certification

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  • Flexible - LIVE Online Course via Zoom + Bonus Self-Paced Online Learning
  • The Most Affordable ICF Accredited Life Coaching Course
  • The Only Coaching Company With In-House Expert Marketing Support To Help You Get Clients
  • Only 6 days to complete using our Rapid Results Coaching Framework

Learn From Australia's Only 2 Time AFR Award Winning Coach, Ben Harvey


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Course Overview

Coaching is now the 2nd fastest growing industry worldwide. That means you can make a difference and a living coaching others (even if you don't have experience or doubt yourself). The benefits of coaching include:

  • Lifestyle freedom - Setting your own hours and living life on your terms
  • Uncapped income - A big reason why many people are seeing it as the smart alternative to their 9-5 job
  • Pandemic proof business - Can be done via Zoom or phone. You can work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world.


The problem is there is once you start researching coaching courses, there is so much conflicting information out there. Most websites make it sound more complex than it actually is and people begin doubting their abilities and start believing they must become a charismatic guru in order to make a living helping others.

The truth is, becoming a successful coach is not difficult when you are taught correctly. It's a set of skills, and skills can be learned. Since 2009, having trained thousands of aspiring and struggling coaches alike, we know the problem is not the PERSON, but the PROCESS. Once you use the correct framework for achieving results, success not only becomes easy, it becomes predictable.

The good news is you can create remarkable results in your life and others...

  • Without needing an expensive 12-18 month life coaching training diploma or certificate
  • Without feeling stupid or lacking confidence in your skills
  • And definitely without needing an endless list of "master practitioner" courses followed by another advanced "train the trainer's" course.

Our goal is to give you the best life coaching education by giving you everything you need to change lives and have the freedom to make a living from it... in the fastest possible way. That's why we created the Accelerated Coaching Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete?

We have an accelerated model which means it takes 6 days to learn and integrate our Rapid Results Coaching Framework. These 6 days can be completed LIVE via Zoom or In-Person. Assuming you pass, you will receive a Results Coaching Certification from Authentic Education once you have completed the 6 days in full.

Authentic Education provides the ICF Coaching Specific Training Hours for the ACC – ACSTH Credential Pathway. To continue with the ICF registration process, you will need to complete 100 hours of coaching experience, 10 hours of Mentor Coaching, Performance Evaluation and a Coach Knowledge Assessment. Typically this takes 3 – 6 months after you have completed the Accelerated Coaching Certification. We will advise you on the exact process after you have completed the initial coach-specific training.

Will you upsell me to another “Master prac” or “Certificate IV” or “Train the trainers” training?

No. You only need this life coach training before you have the coaching skills to empower people. We won’t lead you on an endless path of “never feeling prepared enough”

Can I do this course from anywhere in the world?

Yes. There are 3 ways you can choose to take this course. All 3 ways are included in your course enrolment so it’s like 3 courses in one.

  1. LIVE Online Via Zoom
  2. LIVE In-Person in Sydney (once the pandemic is over)
  3. On-Demand Course (Note: The ICF does not certify people for recorded courses. There must be a LIVE online or LIVE in-person element to the training. Any company that says you can is misleading people. If you choose the On-Demand course only, you will receive a Results Coaching Certification from Authentic Education)

Do I really need a coaching certification or qualification to coach people?

No. Coaching is an unregulated industry. Just as you can call yourself a tennis coach, you can also call yourself a life coach, mindset coach, health coach etc. “Coach” is not a term governed by law unlike a “Doctor” or “Lawyer”.

Most new coaches lack confidence so they believe the certification will give them that. What often ends up happening is they go down a never-ending path of coaching courses for many years and many tens of thousands of dollars, always striving never arriving.

In a recent survey of over 500 coaches, we asked our coaches how often they were asked for their certification. They either replied never, rarely or less than 5% of the time. Your clients care more about how confident and professional you are as a coach and the results you help empower them to achieve.

How can I verify that this coaching course is ICF approved?

View our course on the ICF Website here

How soon can I start coaching people?

Immediately after the 6-day life coach training course. Some people prefer to have some practice sessions for a few months before they begin charging which is fine too.

Will you teach us how to get coaching clients?

Yes! After completing our Accelerated Coaching program, you can contact our team to create a coaching profile on our website. This is like free marketing for you because our website visitors will search through coaches in their area and find you.

We also have a specific training module around the business of coaching. This includes learning how to deliver coaching discovery sessions following a specific sales script to educate your clients about your coaching program so that they are inspired to sign up for your coaching services.

How soon will I be able to replace a monthly income of say, $5000?

In between 1 to 6 months. We teach people how to offer clients “packages”. These could range between $3,000 – $12,000. So just 1 package could pay for the course.

If we get stuck, how can we get support?

Once you study life coaching with us, you will get unlimited phone and email support for 6 months. You also have the support of a community of coaches. There is also the 6 monthly group coaching sessions with Benjamin J Harvey.

Are there any pre-requisites or pre-work?

Once you enrol, you will receive a link to read through the ICF Code of Ethics and the ICF Core Competencies. We recommend that you read over these documents so that you become familiar with good coaching practice.

Once you have paid in full for the Accelerated Coaching program, you will also receive access to the On-Demand program. Some students like to review some of the content before attending the live program however this is not compulsory.

Will this course work with other modalities like NLP, Reiki, herbal medicine, etc?

Yes, because this course is not based on any specific modalities. Therefore, you can plug any existing experience or modalities you have into the coaching model.

Do I have to do my life coaching face-to-face?

No, the great thing about becoming a life coach is you don’t need an expensive office. In fact, phone or skype coaching has many advantages for both you and your personal clients including no travel time, ability to coach while travelling etc

What payment options do you have?

We have flexible payment plans starting at $195 AUD deposit. Fill in the form at the top of this page to have a chat with us about your situation.

Can I claim this as a tax deduction?

It’s best to check with your accountant or research the rules for claiming education as a tax deduction in your country. Generally speaking, if it’s helping you earn an income (as an employee or business) in the current financial year then you can claim it in full.

Can I get my employer or my other business to pay for it?

Since coaching is also important for your personal development or skill as a manager, some of our students have had part or all of their course fee paid by their employer or another business they are associated with. In this case, we can issue a tax invoice in the name of your employer or other company.

Are you an RTO (Registered Training Organisation)? Can I get government assistance to pay for this course?

We are not an RTO due to the restrictions the government would place on us to teach and continually update the content we believe you need to become a highly successful coach. RTO’s also have enormous amounts of red tape and costs which we would then need to pass on to our students. Therefore, this course is not eligible for government assistance in Australia but the rules could be different for your country.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who feels they are capable of giving and receiving much more in life. It's also for you if you resonate with any of the following:

  • I'm curious about the possibility of becoming a coach either full-time or on the side
  • I want to learn tools to create changes in my own life by becoming my own best coach (and perhaps I can explore becoming a coach later)
  • I want to pursue a career as a life coach, mindset coach, relationship coach, health & wellness coach or even business coach
  • I'm an existing coach and want to add another set of skills to my toolbelt
  • I want more coaching clients. I want to coach almost ANY type of client (without feeling anxious about whether or not they will get results)
  • I have an existing business and want to add another income stream
  • I'm a manager and leader and I want to empower my team through the best coaching training

Accreditation And Qualification

After completing the 6 day intensive course you will receive a Results Coaching Certification from Authentic Education.

After completing the 6 day intensive course (LIVE via Zoom or In-Person) you are eligible to begin the ACC-ACSTH Credential Process with the ICF. This includes 100 hours of coaching experience, 10 hours of Mentor Coaching, Performance Evaluation and a Coach Knowledge Assessment. Typically this takes 3 - 6 months after you have completed the Accelerated Coaching Certification. We will advise you on the exact process after you have completed the initial coach-specific training.

Life Coaching Courses - Accelerated Coaching Certification

We train our life coaches with the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core coaching competencies.

A. Foundation - Demonstrates Ethical Practice, Embodies a Coaching Mindset
B. Co-Creating the Relationship - Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence
C. Communicating Effectively - Listens Actively, Evokes Awareness
D. Cultivating Learning and Growth - Facilitates Client Growth

Authentic Education is a registered training provider with the IICT (International Institute For Complementary Therapists)

IICT is an independent, professional industry body that supports the world's largest list of list of complementary therapy modalities. It has an international community across 35+ countries.

Results Coaching Certification sample
International Institute For Complementary Therapists (IICT) logo

Career Pathways

There are a variety of careers and business opportunities that open up to you once you complete your certification. They include:

Management and Leadership opportunities in your current company - Coaching skills are essential tools to manage and lead people and teams

Coaching - A wide variety of coaching pathways depending on your passion and proficiency, including:

  • Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Wellness Coach
  • Parenting Coach, Relationship Coach, Communication Coach
  • Health Coach, Weight Loss Coach
  • Time Management Coach, Productivity Coach
  • Wealth Coach, Career Coach, Business Coach
  • Or any topic anyone has ever written a book about (because that means there's a market for it)


Consultant - If you have specialised knowledge, possible pathways include:

  • Workplace Wellness Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant, Sales Consultant, Business Consultant

Group Coaching, Speaking & Online Education:

  • There are a variety of delivery methods you can choose to share your message.
  • Each one has the possibility of earning you $100,000 per annum in exchange for the value your provide. The diagram below shows conservative figures of how achievable this is.
  • You can choose to begin with any delivery method. As you progress upwards, each delivery method allows you to leverage your time even more to reach more people. If you want to earn more, you just need to help more people!
  • You can be confidently earning $100,000 per annum as a Coach within 1-2 years when you approach it with the right attitude and the right amount of effort. Some people achieve this faster if they have had previous relevant skills or experience. 
  • This is all possible by following the path in the Accelerated Coaching Certification and the correct steps and getting support from the Authentic Education team.

8 ways to earn your first $100,000 as a coach:


During the course you will learn the skills and steps it takes to become a highly effective results coach. There are no pre-requisites but if you have existing skills or qualifications, this course will complement them.

You will learn and become proficient at the 7 essential processes needed to be effective as a coach (based on over 10,000 1on1 individual coaching sessions). These can be used to improve not only your life but the lives of others.

You will also learn the business of coaching - how to package your coaching offer, present your coaching services and attract clients.

You will also receive a complete 240-page manual. An overview of the subjects appears below
(Note: These modules are not the standard modules you find in most coaching courses. They are the essential skills you need to become a highly successful coach)


Module 1: The Service Ritual - The Foundation

  • Ethical Practice
  • Coaching Mindset
  • Reflective Practice

Module 2: RAPID Results Model

  • Framework for getting results with ANY type of client be it mindset, health, wealth, relationships or business
  • Session Structure, How To LEAD Your Sessions
  • The Science Of Voluntary Action, The 3 Checkpoints® To Change

R: Result

  • The Power of Vision, Future Belonging
  • The Sectors Of Life, Clarify Their Results
  • 7 Triggers Detected By Checkpoint #1
  • “START” Sheet

A: Align - Use the essential coaching techniques to get your clients results within the Change Work Framework

  • The Values TRACK® - Coaching Technique for determining what truly drives people and determining their goals and fulfilment patterns. Includes The Values TRACK® Linking Example and Template

  • Shadow Values® - Discover what is really driving people besides their "golden" values they show the world. Includes Shadow Values® Fulfilment Hierarchy, Top Seven Shadow Values®, Shadow Values® Elicitation & Template, Shadow Values® Linking Formula & Linking Chart, Values Conflicts & The Conflict Resolution Formula

  • The Universal Freedom Technique® - Incredibly effective technique for removing barriers such as negative past events and trapped emotions that block you from achieving results. This technique uses both the logical and emotional sides of the brain simultaneously. Includes The Universal Freedom Technique® Script, Empowering Learnings & Thankful Reflections

  • The Guru Technique - Used to interpret and understand any events in your life, what they mean, why they occur and how to use it to create the results you want in your life, career or business.

  • ImaginAction - A powerful guided process for visualising and creating results in your life. Includes a complete ImaginAction script.

P: Plan - Goals vs Systems, Deliberate Practice, Chunking, What Three Plays - Belief Systems, What Three Plays - Example & Template

I: Implement - “ROAR” Results Orientated Action Replacements

D: Develop - The Success Equation, Success Score

Module 3: The Business Of Coaching - How to attract coaching clients

  • The 5 Stages Of Business Development
  • Direct Value Statement Models
  • Five To Qualify
  • The 9 Phases Of New Business
  • 7 recommended ways to attract coaching clients

Module 4: ICF Core Competencies

Module 5: ICF Core Competencies

  • Develop a deeper understanding of each core competency and how to integrate such knowledge into meaningful coaching sessions

Meet Your Trainer

Benjamin J Harvey is a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, Professional Trainer and Co-Founder of Authentic Education (an AFR 2013 Fast Starters 100 and AFR 2015 Fast 100 Company).
* Note: There will be no other "assistant" trainers taking over. The entire course will be run by Benjamin J Harvey.

Having delivered 10,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and earning over six figures in just the first year of being certified as a coach, Ben now specializes in helping and training coaches to live their love.

He has consulted with the largest organisations in Australia such as Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank... and more importantly, is passionate about teaching people how to become a life coach.

Ben has been mentored by and worked with some of the top names in the industry such as Dr Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins.

Professional Certified Coach image

"Ben can not only make a difference in your business and finances, but in you saying thank you... I get to do what I love and I get paid for it.

Learn everything you can from this man. He's a man on a mission and he'll help you fulfil your mission."

Dr John Demartini
Teacher from "The Secret"

"The difference he's made in just a few minutes of helping me recraft my communication... has been absolutely phenomenal

I get to choose who I work with anywhere in the world and he is one of the best."

John Assaraf
Teacher from "The Secret"

360 Degree Support System

Your progress is our #1 priority. Whatever support you need to become a highly successful coach, we've got you covered. Your support includes:

The Coaching Technique Demonstration Sessions - Every month, Benjamin J Harvey conducts a LIVE coaching call to demonstrate and dive deeper on what coaching sessions sound like so our students become more confident in delivering the Rapid Results Model and becoming ready for the ICF Credential Process.

Accelerated Coaching Certification Graduate On-Demand Program - Review core program content and theory, coaching session demonstrations and learn more about the ICF Core Competencies via our graduate program. Access all coaching manual templates and business set up templates via this program and our coaching vault to help you stay organised and prepare for your coaching sessions.

Phone & Email Support - Simply call our office or email our dedicated support email address to get your questions answered.

Monthly Group Coaching - For 2 hours each month you can ask questions directly with the co-founders Benjamin J Harvey and Cham Tang. These sessions occur each month before your course starts and 6 months after your course finishes.

Private Facebook Group With Fellow Coaches - Ask questions, share tips, share wins, connect and practice coaching techniques with fellow coaches

Online Support - Comment below any online training video and receive a response typically within 1 business day.

Expert Support Faculty
Besides the trainer, you will also be supported by our entire team of almost 20 team members.
Specifically in your path as a successful coach, you will also be supported by:

Cham Tang - Head of Marketing & Co-Founder of Authentic Education

Cham is a marketing and client attraction expert. He is passionate about helping people share their message, sell meaningful products & services and get rewarded for it.

Cham has worked with Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and over 350 businesses right here in Australia.

Investing over $250,000 in 7 different marketing methods each year, Cham is also personally mentored by Facebook and Google on advertising.

He has appeared in the media such as SBS Insight, The Age and news.com.au and shows people the steps to create a consistent stream of clients, starting from scratch.

Bronwyn Kennedy - Student Support Manager

Bronwyn has a Bachelor of Education and swapped teaching kids to manage a Registered Training Organisation for Adult Education and Kinesiology.

She has completed all the courses offered by Authentic Education and loved it so much that she jumped at the chance to join our team to help support our participants and students achieve their goals.

She is passionate about supporting people to activate their full potential by supporting them via email, phone and at our events.

How Is This Course Different?

If you're currently researching other life coaching courses, we've saved you some time. When putting together this course, we looked at all the major course providers out there and compared them in the table below based on factors our students said was important to them.

We wanted to do this so that we can hand-on-heart say to all our students that we believe our course is the best in the marketplace.

Training Provider

Provider 1

Provider 2

Provider 3

Provider 4

Authentic Education


Up to 24 months

12-24 months

8 - 12 months full time

6 months

9-12 months  part time (Initial 6 day intensive course)

Online LIVE Course? (You can usually tell because dates appear on their website)

✅, via Zoom

Option to attend course LIVE In-Person? (Assuming no COVID restrictions)

✅, in Sydney

On-Demand course recordings of entire course?

✅, full professional recordings of both the LIVE In-Person and LIVE via Zoom version of the course

ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited?


RTO accredited?


The trainer is the creator of the course?

❌, assistant trainers for part or all of it

In-house marketing experts to advise you on how to attract clients?



$14,987 AUD

$5,990 AUD

$2,950 - $4,735 AUD depending on additional modules

$4,997 AUD

$1,995 AUD

There are so many LIVE or online life coaching institutes out there, but which one should you choose? Having researched dozens of life coach training in Australia and all over the world (and completing many of their courses), we have found there are two types...

The Old Model of Life Coaching - The "Guru Model":

  • You attend a life coaching course and learn 25 techniques and tools
  • You feel a bit overwhelmed so you practice these tools for a total of 3 - 12 months
  • When a client has a problem, you whip out a tool and "fix" them
  • But you still don't feel confident to solve a wide variety of problems yet
  • They say you need the next level "Master Training Course", "Certificate IV in Life Coaching" or "Super blackbelt ninja 12-month diploma"!
  • A year goes by and you still don't feel confident to coach a variety of people through a variety of problems
  • You have done many one-off sessions but don't have many long-term clients because many of the tools are a quick fix

The New Model of Life Coaching - The "Empowerment Model":

  • You realise that nobody knows your client's problems better than they do
  • Your job in becoming a life coach is to empower your clients to achieve (and take responsibility for) their own results
  • You attend this ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours Program
  • You become proficient at ONE coaching model for empowering clients
  • You learn FIVE core techniques that can be applied to life or business problems alike
  • There's no pressure of being a "guru", so your confidence and clients begin growing within weeks of finishing your coach training
  • You know that "people pay for a path", and the coaching model is also used to offer clients 3, 6 or 12-month packages (instead of one-off sessions)

In this new model, the person (not the process) becomes the central focus.

It works because YOU are your own best coach. There is nobody else out there that knows your desires or problems better than you.

Whether you want to improve your life or the lives of others, this course is essential to effectively create rapid change.

Student Feedback

We have trained coaches in 21 countries around the world and counting. Please read some of their feedback below...

Authentic Education students around the world

Mark Rosenfeld

Ben is an amazing speaker and coach. His wealth of knowledge has helped me immensely in growing to become Australia's leading dating and relationships coach.

I challenge you to open your mind to some of his concepts and coaching. If you really take it where it can go and have the courage to APPLY what he says you will go a long, long way.

Connie M | Local Guide

I'm extremely particular in who I lean on for coaching. So for my new businesses, I've been searching out the best of the best business coaches and presenters in Australia.

In 5 minutes, at a one day workshop in #Melbourne, I knew Ben Harvey's trainings were the ones I wanted to move into ... and everyone knows I'm an extremely fussy buyer - I found the quality difference between Ben and his team (#AuthenticEducation) and others I've seen recently is phenomenal

Katrina Crawford

I feel incredibly grateful that I choose to study the Accelerated Coaching Certification program with Authentic Education. I have worked in the education sector for seven years and the level of professionalism, support and value provided within the program was second to none.

The best online program I have ever completed, and I have done a few! The program has provided me with an incredible set of coaching tools.

Thanks Ben and your team for creating a wonderful event.

Michelle McLeod

I followed my intuition when I signed up for the Coaching program as I already have a Life Coaching Diploma but something was still missing and I had a gut feeling this was for me.

I couldn't have been more right! Authentic Education has integrity and totally lines up with my belief that we each have the power to transform our lives from the inside out!

This course is must for anyone who truly wants to help empower others in this world.

Elenor Baleviani - Coach from clearmind.com

Athol Park - Hypnosis & Body Energy Work Practitioner

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Course Inclusions

When You Graduate, You Will Receive:

  • A Results Coaching Certificate from Authentic Education (The only coaching company in Australia that has been awarded an AFR Fast Starters 100 and AFR Fast 100 award)
  • 72 ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours) from the ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Be eligible to become an "Associate Certified Coach" and gain your ICF Certification (after you have completed all steps in the ICF credential process. We provide step 1: Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.)
  • The "Coaching Vault": A complete suite of over 100 documents you need for your coaching business such as an 18-page coaching & training proposal, marketing documents, pre-session questionnaires, insurance and legal information etc.
  • The skills to immediately start coaching paying clients with a variety of problems by applying the The Rapid Results Coaching Model
  • A private community of coaches to support and practice with
  • 6 months of group coaching directly with the trainer, Benjamin J Harvey
  • 6 months of unlimited email and phone support

What Will You Get?


Accelerated Coaching Certification

6 Day Live Workshop


Accelerated Coaching Certification On-Demand Training Program

- Lifetime Access To The Entire Online Program. Access Granted Once Full Payment Has Been Made


360° Support & Implementation Program

- 6 Months Group Mentoring And Coaching

- 6 Months Unlimited Email/Phone Support


Coaching Demonstration & Practice Days

- 12 Months Access


The Coaching Vault

- Client Tracking Tools

- Presentation Slides

- Legal Documents

- Coaching Proposals And Packages

- Pricing Models

- Marketing Materials

- Questionnaires

- Email Templates And Tax Invoices


The Coaching Hub

- 12 Months Access To Over 100 Certified Results Coaches Trained By Authentic Education


12 Months Membership To The "AEC", Our Online Authentic Education Community

- Complete Access To Our Company And Our National Meet-ups


Payment Options

Payment plan - We have flexible payment plans starting at $195 AUD deposit

Paid in full - The current limited half price special is $1,995 AUD

Partner discount - If both you and your life partner or business partner enrol within 1 week of each other, you will both get 10% off
Existing student discount - If you purchase 2 or more courses from us within 1 week, you will receive a discount and additional bonuses
Payment methods - We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), PayPal and Bank Transfer. None of these incur any fees

Happiness Guarantee - If you are not happy with the quality of the course, email us within 24 hours of completing the 6 day LIVE intensive course for a full refund

To find out more, have a chat with our team by clicking the "Get a free course guide" button on this page 🙂

Happiness Guarantee

We believe all of our programs are world class. We do appreciate that sometimes people select the incorrect course or it didn't meet their expectations.

If you are not completely happy with the course, simply email us within 24 hours of attending the entire LIVE via Zoom or LIVE In-Person for a full refund. This means you can enrol with confidence.

Still Need More Info?

If you're in research mode and would like more information, we recommend filling in your details to get a free course guide. There will be an optional message to ask us any questions.

You can also look at the blog posts below.