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Author Express

The Fastest Way To Professionally Create & Publish Your Book

Author Express

Publishing Package

The Fastest Way To Professionally Create & Publish Your Book

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Some Of Our Authors...

Want To Be A Published Author?

A recent survey by The New York Times noted that 82% of adults want to be a PUBLISHED author. The reason so few ever make their dream into a reality is because they simply don’t know where to start.

There is so much information available nowadays that it can simply be overwhelming and time consuming trying to work through it all. So much so that it actually stops you taking the next step.

All you need is someone to help you join the dots, to show you the way, to follow a proven system to make your dream of becoming a published author a reality in the fastest possible way.

I believe everyone has a book inside of them. Each person has been put on planet earth to share their knowledge, expertise or story, to make a difference in the lives of others. You do not need to know any more, you already have everything inside of you to create your book, you just need to know the steps to let it out. That’s why we designed the Author Express Program.

Who Is The Author Express Program For?

The Author Express Program was developed for YOU to EXPRESS your message.

Most importantly it has been put together by an author for, authors and believe it or not you don’t have to be a WRITER to be a published author. In this program we show you alternative methods to get the content for your book. One of the modules is even titled The Book That Writes Itself!

It is much more than a publishing course, it gets you to think big from the start and opens your mind to the possibilities available to you when you publish your book the RIGHT WAY.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to grow or start a business from a book
  • You need credibility as an expert by becoming a published author
  • You want to leverage your time better
  • You want to share your message or story with many people
  • You want to increase your opportunities like speaking and selling your services
  • You want to have a business BEYOND the book and help even more people
  • You simply want to leave a legacy

The Package: Author Express

We believe you and your brand are your most important asset. So it is important that your book is a quality product, not something full of errors that can damage your reputation, and not just an eBook. There is nothing like a physical printed book that you can hand to someone that has a much higher perceived value than just an eBook. For this reason we have created the Author Express Program, to ensure your book looks and feels like one from the big brand publishers, but in a way that does not have the price tag to match, and gives you 100% control.

What Is It?

  • A complete online course to become a published author of a printed book, eBook and audiobook
  • Self-paced, so there's no stress to get it all done in a set time
  • 5 major parts, 24 modules, 62 training videos
  • 100 professionally Printed books*

How It Works

  • You will receive your login details
  • You start going through the easy step by step modules
  • If you have questions, you can contact us, reply in the comments part of each page or check the FAQs
  • The entire process takes between 3-6 months to finish when you work on it part-time


  • All 24 modules, 62 training videos
  • It's a fully responsive website too so you can view it on your tablet, mobile phone or desktop
  • Lifetime access to Author Express Program including any updates
  • Email and online support provided by Fiona
  • Library of all 9 Millionaire eBooks in downloadable format
  • The Author's Vault -This is all the documents, templates and cheat sheets needed to become a published author. Includes Fiona's list of contacts & service providers.
  • Includes swipe files used to get media, ask for testimonials, how to request a foreword and much much more
  • Includes the Book Blueprint- the document Fiona wishes she had to show the order everything goes in to produce a quality book
  • Back Cover Template - What you must have on your back cover to act as your 24/7 sales team for your book
  • Want Global distribution for your book? We show you how to have your book available around the world
  • 100 Books Printed - paperback, b&w, 248 pp max, white or cream pages, one shipment delivered to a single address anywhere in the world, colour cover (gloss or matte one side only)
  • 14-day money back guarantee - Once you get your login, you can browse through the videos to see the quality and quantity of them. If you're not satisifed, you can get a full refund within 14 days of receiving your login.

About Your Facilitator, Fiona Jones

Fiona is the creator, founder & 9 times best-selling author of The Millionaire Book series, founder of The Millionaire School, founder of Author Express and publisher.

She has a love of reading and passion for helping people share their message.

Her mission is to inspire millions to Be Their Own Success Story by sharing inspiring success stories through her books, and those produced by her Author Express members.

As a fellow human being, I know your message or service can help people and you know it too. So do not let fears, doubts and insecurities hold you back.

You have something inside of you that you need to share with the world, and a book is an incredible way to share your message, make a difference and leave a legacy. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Fiona Jones

Author Express Testimonials

Nkandu Beltz

My first book in the Fierce and Fabulous series is published and my second book is coming soon. I am using Fiona’s system- ‘the book that writes itself’ to share my message and that of others in the fastest possible way to reach even more people.

This allows me to spend my time speaking, promoting the book and empowering others, the part I love most.

Since publishing the book I have held book launches, been featured in the newspaper and radio and have a lot of plans in store.

Her contacts, support and resources are invaluable. I also have a whole new circle of friends in my fierce and fabulous women.

Tiffany BowtellThe Property Management Institute

This program is WAY more than how to publish a book. By going through the steps and with Fiona’s support I was able to get clarity on my entire vision for my business, including future workshops.

Fiona always had me thinking of my ideal reader and how they would want to digest the material. As a result of that I have produced a print book, an audio book and an eBook.

I also have an entire book series mapped out, with a business backend and am I the process of securing sponsorship. Absolutely worth the investment to have a professional product you will be proud of.

Danni Crews

Fiona’s support, encouragement and belief in me was invaluable. She has always gone above and beyond and without her help, my desire to write a book might never have become a reality.

Her vision helped me to think BEYOND the book, to the business behind it that will ultimately allow me to assist more couples.

Her ideas helped me to tweak my title and subtitle and chapter headings, (from drab to fab), which shaped the entire theme, for not only my book but my future workshops as well.

I am very proud of my new ‘baby’ and am excited to launch my book about LOVE, just in time for Valentine’s day. After all we can all do with a little more love in our lives.

If you are considering writing a book, I definitely recommend that you do it with Fiona. She will save you time and guide you through the steps to make your book a success.