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Digital Marketing Made Easy

The 7 most cost-effective systems to attract new clients

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Demo Walkthrough of Digital Marketing Made Easy

About The Program

Cham Tang | Marketing Coach

Marketing is all about ROI (Return On Investment). But with so many choices, what's the best use of your time and money when you need to learn digital marketing?

If you want to market your events, services or products there are over 50 different internet marketing methods you could use. I know because I've tried them.

I've only found 7 that work consistently over time. They've helped generate our clients over $20 million in revenue and helped Authentic Education become a BRW Fast Starters 2013 Award Winner... more importantly, they can work for almost any industry and any person.

If only 1 of these 7 online marketing strategies is implemented correctly, it would be a very wise use of your time & money... so I invite you to find out more about the program.

Cham Tang
Chief Efficiency Officer

Who Is It For?

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced marketers. Simply pick the modules relevant to you
  • Business owners that want to attract more clients WITHOUT using old, expensive online marketing methods like newspaper ads or snail mail
  • Practical, non-technical people that like to be shown exactly what to do from scratch. Simply watch the videos as I show you WHAT to do and WHY I'm doing it
  • Coaches, speakers and seminar leaders that want to use internet marketing to generate more clients and attendees

Modules 1-7: The 7 Highest ROI Strategies

If you've ever wanted to know how to learn digital marketing in a simple and easy way, then here's good news. In each module, there will be video training guiding you through (step-by-step) exactly how to utilize the marketing method. Unlike other digital marketing courses, this one is very easy when you follow along. If I go to a website, you do too. If I click somewhere, you do too. It's like having your own personal marketing coach sitting right next to you.

1. Facebook & Instagram Ads - The quickest way to get new customers is via paid digital marketing advertising such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords and LinkedIn Ads. We will be focusing on the best one: Facebook & Instagram ads and show you how to place effective ads you can use forever.

2. Speaking & LIVE Events - The most lucrative marketing method (when you get it right). Learn how to attract the right audience to your webinars, presentations or workshops.

3. Email & SMS Marketing - Your email list is your goldmine. We will cover what to email, how often to email, how to write an effective email and show you templates to do it.

Learn Digital Marketing4. Content Marketing - If you aren't educating potential customers, you are wasting 2/3 of your marketing efforts. This is because most people will buy later (when they are ready) not now. Content marketing is a free strategy that ensures they come to you when the time is right.

5. Social Media - How to effectively use status updates, invites and your Facebook personal page and fan page to generate traffic, interest and leads.

6. Joint Ventures - Strategic partnerships are key to succeeding. It's just easier working with other companies. In this module you will learn how to setup the 2 most common (and powerful) JV's.

7. Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - If you want free traffic forever, then you need to be on the first page of Google for relevant terms your potential customers are searching for right now.

Modules 8-14: The 7 Marketing Accelerators

The best marketing strategy in the world won't work if you don't have certain skills.

So if you want to increase or speed up your marketing results, here are 7 things you will need to master:

8. Business Models & Marketing Funnels - We will cover what makes a successful and unsuccessful business model and marketing funnel.

Attraction Marketing | Boost your business revenue9. Outsourcing - You can't do everything on your own. But what should you outsource? How much do they charge? Where do you go to outsource?

10. Copywriting - This is the art (and science) of selling through written words. It's used in naming your business/event/product/package, writing an email, writing an ad. And you should never outsource it.

11. Mindset Of Successful Marketers - Unless you have emotional intelligence, you will never persist long enough to make a success in business. There are fundamental thought patterns and beliefs you need in place to ensure your success.

12. Graphic Design - Most customers make split-second decisions on the quality of a product because of the packaging. So all of your ads, website, landing pages and emails need to look professional. You will learn some easy and effective ways to DIY or outsource it.

13. Landing Pages - Learn how to build a compelling landing page for your offer (without having to pay expensive recurring fees to companies like ClickFunnels or Lead Pages).

14. Data-Driven Marketing - Are you making your decisions based on guesses/hunches or hard data? I know what professionals do! This module is like accounting...not everyone's favourite until they realise the power of what it does for your business.

Bonus Training - How to Build a WordPress Website from scratch (5 part video series included in this digital marketing course)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can't I just outsource this stuff? "When you outsource your marketing, you outsource your income." As a business owner, you must know your marketing plan. As your marketing coach, I will show you this plan. I will also show you what you CAN and CAN'T outsource.
  • Do I need to be tech-savvy? No. I will show you step by step what to do to make sure you're doing it right.
  • How is it delivered? The beauty of it is it's all delivered online. This means you can start anytime you want (your membership lasts forever). It also means you can pause the training, speed it up or rewatch it to suit your own speed.
  • Who is running it? Cham Tang, the Co-Founder of Authentic Education. He handles all the marketing for the company.
  • Is there any support? Yes. You can email, call or ask questions online any time.

Included In Your Program Tuition

  • 100+ Video Lessons - Each video lesson is an average of 15 mins long and spans 14 different topics.
  • 12 Months Access - This means you can buy it now, and watch it all now, or later when you have time.
  • 12 Months Updates - New video lessons and material will be added regularly. You will receive this also.
  • 12 Months Support - If you have any questions about the training, simply comment on any training video and you will receive a reply within 2 business days.
  • Marketing Mentorship Group Calls - LIVE with Cham via Zoom each fortnight. 3 months (6 months if you pay in full).

Results From "Digital Marketing Made Easy"

Kelly Flack, Healer

I ran the ad, put about $50 on it, and I got 242 leads that ended up costing me 55 cents each. And it's like, WOW!

Bernie Ryan, Admin officer at pool equipment store

We'd sold around $18,000 - $19,000 worth of stock and had a big waiting list for more stock to come in... a fantastic result for a first time...

Helia Singh, Financial Advisor

I made $35,000 as a direct result of doing Cham's Digital Marketing Made Easy program. Thank you Cham!

Jeremy West, Coach

I was able to get 158 leads, 28 people to my free live event, and make $2,000 in sales from my very first marketing campaign with Cham.

Louise Sparkes Howarth, Founder of a marketing agency

I brought on 11 clients with contracts totaling over $70,000, with another $40,000 in the pipeline. I am humbled & grateful to Cham...

Michael Scollo, Coach

I was able to get over $2,000 worth of coaching clients, and also I expect more to even sign up later.

About Your Facilitator, Cham Tang

Cham is the Co-founder and Chief Efficiency Officer at Authentic Education (a BRW Fast Starters 100 Company).

He runs workshops on marketing and coaches our PHD students privately with their businesses.
Cham has handled all the marketing and systems at Authentic Education since day 1.

Cham has also worked in sales and business development for Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard and Universal Stars.

As a fellow business owner, I know your product or service can help people (otherwise you just wouldn’t bother).
You deserve to do it justice by using the best marketing strategies available. So let’s get the ball rolling.