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PHD: The Path For Heart-Centred Difference-Makers

The fastest way to create a fulfilling life, do what you love and make a difference in the world.

Why was the PHD created?

We saw many people with a desire to make changes in their lives and create the success they deserve, but not reaching their full potential. Constantly thinking to themselves:

"Why am I not waking up and doing what I love or living life on my terms?"

It can be a frustrating and slow process to go through. I have been there too. And I was sick of seeing well meaning people struggle through life instead of living on purpose.

My mission is to help you make a difference by confidently sharing your message with the world, in the fastest possible way. We all have the ability to live the life our hearts desires so join me on this exciting journey, starting today.

Who is the PHD for?

The PHD (Programs for Heart-Centered Difference-Makers) is for unique individuals that know they are capable of giving and receiving much more in life.

It is also for...

  • People who want to be financially rewarded for helping others create a change in their lives
  • People who want to do what they love and get paid handsomely well for it
  • Coaches, healers or practitioners who want to be fully booked
  • Business owners and consultants who want to create a profitable & reliable income stream
  • People who have a desire to create books, products or online programs that serve the world
  • People who want to share a message through seminars, presentations and workshops
  • And anyone that LOVES to continually learn and grow

With gratitude,

Benjamin J Harvey

Difference-Maker Mentor

The Difference-Maker Path

The Difference Maker Path image

The Difference-Maker Milestones

Difference-Maker Mindset
Earn $100,000 As A Difference-Maker
Certified ICF Training Hours
Difference-Maker Business Plan
Your World-Class Keynote Or Presentation That Sells
WordPress Website & Blog (Done-for-you)
Complete Marketing Plan With Top 7 Marketing Methods
Support From Ben, Cham And The Entire Authentic Team
7 Universal Coaching Skills
Your Complete Product Offering
Confidence In Speaking And Sharing Your Message
Education-Based Sales And Influence Skills
The Most Productive & Organized Version Of You
Top Technology Tools For Systems And Getting Things Done
Your Author Website & Published Book (Full, Skinny, Compilation or eBook)
Continuous Growth With Complete Library Of Products & Recorded Sessions

How to earn your first $100,000 as a Difference-Maker

There are a variety of delivery methods you can choose to share your message. Each one has the possibility of earning you $100,000 per annum in exchange for the value your provide. The diagram below shows conservative figures of how achievable this is.

You can choose to begin with any delivery method. As you progress upwards, each delivery method allows you to leverage your time even more to reach more people. If you want to earn more, you just need to help more people!

You can be confidently earning $100,000 per annum as a Difference-Maker within 1-2 years when you approach it with the right attitude and the right amount of effort. Some people achieve this faster if they have had previous relevant skills or experience.

This is all possible by following the path in the PHD, focusing on the correct steps and getting support from the Authentic Education team.

The PHD Membership

The fastest way to make a difference and a living doing what you love

The quickest way to achieve anything is to model it. Find someone that’s succeeding, use their strategies to gain the necessary skills to create what you desire most. However, to reach this stage you need support.

There are many decisions, distractions and obstacles on your journey as a difference-maker. Although the path may be fuzzy and confusing to you, you're in safe hands. That's because having helped setup hundreds of businesses from scratch since 2009, we are crystal clear on the steps you need to follow.

Having the support of an expert to hold your hand, ask questions and join the dots for you can save you from wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

Authentic Education began to make the biggest possible impact on the planet. This means helping you help other people.

Our promise to you is this: If you join us on the difference-maker path we will help you with everything you need until you're out there changing lives and making a great living.

With PHD Support You Will:

  • Mastermind with other PHD students in a close-knit, invite-only monthly roundtable session with Benjamin J Harvey
  • Get special attention with any questions or assistance you need including your own private PHD support email address
  • Receive specialized marketing assistance from the Authentic Education team including Cham Tang
  • Achieve results much faster than you thought possible
  • Rapidly improve your skills by accessing the complete library of every product, masterclass and mastermind from Benjamin J Harvey
  • Graduate with a certificate for the PHD - The Path for Heart-Centred Difference-Makers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for beginners or people with existing experience?

Both. We will explain everything totally from scratch so there are no pre-requisites. If you consider yourself "below beginner level", it's for you too!

It's also for people with existing experience because any existing results you're getting are greatly accelerated by using our difference-maker methodology and support.

How is the PHD different to other programs out there?

Currently in Australia, there are no other comprehensive programs that help people create a business doing what they love from scratch. The closest you will find are either:

  • Non-specialised programs that lump your business in with other traditional businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, tradespeople etc.
  • Certification programs such as Life Coaching, NLP or Reiki which spend only a small amount of time on marketing and helping you attract clients because it's outside their area of expertise.
  • Startup companies that don't have the breadth of knowledge, depth of experience or track record of results you will find in the PHD.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to join right now?

In our experience, the timing will never be perfect. It's never the wrong time to do the right thing.To help you, all of the online programs come with lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace.

We also give you 3 years to complete the PHD and an additional 3 years to repeat any of the programs once you have attended them the first time.

Is it just for business people? (I don't have a business and I don't want one)

No, it's empowerment for your life, regardless if you have a business or not.

I'm not sure if my product or service is a match for the PHD?

The PHD is an exact match for people that want to share a message through coaching, workshops, retreats, digital products, membership sites or any form of education. Some other products and services may be suited to part or all of the PHD. Chat to one of our staff or crew to see how the PHD could help you.

What course should I attend first?

There is no concrete rule. The order of the courses in this PHD brochure is just one possible option.

The best place to start is the course that will release the biggest blockage OR create the quickest result on your difference-maker path.

For example, if your biggest blockage is getting clarity on your business, then start with Difference-Maker Accelerator. If your quickest win is putting together a presentation for an upcoming event, then start with Present Like A Pro.

It's important to note that the PHD (and your business) is holistic in nature. This means that the order doesn't matter as much because each part strengthens all the other parts.

For example, learning marketing helps you package a better product. Learning productivity skills first helps you implement your coaching skills better.

This means you can start with the course that is the soonest and still get great benefits. You can then repeat the course again to re-inforce the learnings and see it from another angle.

Will the PHD work with other modalities like NLP, Reiki, herbal medicine etc?

Yes, because this course is not based on any specific modalities. Therefore, you can plug any existing experience or modalities you have into the PHD.

Can I claim it as a tax deduction?

Please check with your accountant. The general rule is if it helps you earn an income with your current job or business, you can claim it.

I'm not good with technology, is that a problem?

That's ok, most people aren't! The majority of the program doesn't require technology. At all times, we train you step-by-step with simple to use programs. You always have our support via phone or email if you get stuck, too.

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