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Ultimate Communication Program

Discover The Most Effective Communication Process On the Planet.

+ Attend The Ultimate Communication Program 5 Day Live Intensive
+ Understand How And Why People Communicate The Way They Do
+ Discover How To Communicate (& Resolve Conflict) More Effectively 

Sydney | TBA

Key Deliverables From The Course:

Exquisite Communication Skills
Embody the process of communicating with yourself and others with precision


Your Personality Pattern Inventory
Learn your exact communication channels, psychological needs & motivation strategies


Speak To All 6 Personality Types
Be able to communicate, motivate & target your language at home, with friends or work

Conflict Resolution & Prevention Skills
Have the ability to understand others and create effective relationships between people


Personal Development Plan
Create goals based on your psychological makeup that will truly motivate and fulfill you

Communication Is The Key...

Believe it or not, most of our problems are problems of communication. The inability to understand ourselves and others means we can’t create the relationships, happiness or success that we deserve.

But what if you could change your world just by changing your words?

What if you could decode ALL communication with your family, friends, colleagues and customers so it became sequential, observable and predictable?

The Ultimate Communication Program is the best way to understand the many different ways people perceive the world... and by improving your communication skill, you will become a highly effective communicator no matter what the situation.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for dynamic leaders, parents, partners, managers, business owners, people that want to motivate themselves or others, and people that want to share a message or have deeper connections.

During this life changing event, you will:

  • Discover the only communication tool scientifically validated and used by NASA
  • Know exactly what to say and do in any situation to ensure crystal clear communication
  • Learn what to do when people are angry, frustrated, sad or manipulating others
  • Understand the 4 personality parts that drive all communication styles
  • Completely unlock your own communication style
  • Learn the 6 core perceptions of every human being so you can completely understand anyone's psychological make-up
  • Discover your 'environmental preference' so you can ensure harmony in any work space or social setting
  • Master the ability to communicate the 9 key psychological needs of any human being in order to bring them out of distress and inspire empowered action
  • Plus much more...

Here's Why The Ultimate Communication Program Is So Effective...

During the Ultimate Communication Program, you will learn something called Process Communication.  This unique and innovative tool enables you to understand, communicate and motivate more effectively with yourself and others.

Process Communication is being used successfully around the world as a:

  • Personal development tool to better understand yourself, your core motivators and your distress patterns of behaviour
  • Work tool to deal with stress productively and effectively
  • Communication channel to observe and decode what others say
  • Parenting aid to predict and identify the onset of disruptive behaviour
  • Leadership tool to be an effective, dynamic leader
  • Management tool for understanding each team member's communication style
  • Vehicle to improve sales of your services or products
  • Powerful marketing tool
  • Dynamic tool for making speeches more effective
  • Potent coaching and mentoring tool
  • The cornerstone of all effective communication classes
  • Incredible educational tool that helps with learning

The Scientifically Validated Communication Tool Used By Some Of The World's Most Successful Companies...

  • Used by NASA for over 15 years for the astronaut selection and training process
  • The only communication tool that has been scientifically validated by NASA
  • Was invented in 1972 by Dr Taibi Kahler and began being used by NASA in 1977
  • Used by companies like Apple, BMW, Audi, Woolworths, McDonalds, L'Oreal, Microsoft and more
  • Authentic Education is one of the few companies in the world that is certified to teach the Process Communication Model (PCM) to the general public
Process Communication Model | Effective Communication

"PCM, both within NASA and within my daily activities, has become for me like MacGyver’s Swiss army knife, always with me and endlessly useful.

I have known a number of "professional giants" in the fields of behavioural science and medicine, including Nobel Prize winners. But I am most grateful for what I have learned from my continued contact with Taibi Kahler. His Process Therapy Model revolutionizes how we understand, diagnose, and treat people in psychotherapy. His model is extremely valuable for predicting behaviour."

Dr. Terence McGuire from NASA
Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Space Flight 1959-1996

(In 1996 Dr Taibi Kahler (the creator of PCM) had been Bill Clinton’s communication consultant for years and was hired by the Democrats in the Clinton/Gore election campaign. After the election, Bill Clinton credited PCM for helping the Democrats reach generally untargeted population groups in political speeches)

"Taibi Kahler is a genius.  He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world. You have been a good friend and helpful advisor. I'll certainly let appropriate people know about your company when I see an opportunity.  I'm sure there are many out there who would benefit from your expertise."

Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States of America

What You Can Achieve After Attending The Ultimate
Communication Program...

  • Get way more done in less time
  • Achieve significantly greater levels of success in all areas of your life
  • Be recognised for your conviction and commitment to your personal values and mission
  • Have your opinion and thoughts valued by all
  • Develop deeply harmonious relationships with everyone you meet
  • Be recognised for you as a person
  • Have people value the way you feel and truly listen to how you feel
  • Have more time to yourself to reflect on your ideas and enjoy more solitude
  • Experience way more fun in life and play more games with friends, colleagues and family
  • Experience more excitement in life
  • Have greater levels of action in every day
  • Feel more alive!

About Your Trainer, Benjamin J Harvey

PCC certified coach

Benjamin J Harvey is a Certified Coach with the ICF, Professional Trainer and Founder of Authentic Education (a BRW 2013 Fast Starters 100 and BRW 2015 Fast 100 Company).

* Note: There will be no other "assistant" trainers taking over. The entire course will be run by Benjamin J Harvey.

Having delivered 8,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and earning over six figures in just the first year of being certified as a coach, Ben now specializes in helping coaches live their love.

Ben has been invited to speak by the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia and holds personal development workshops that blend eastern magic with western strategy.

He has consulted with the largest organisations in Australia such as Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank... and more importantly, is passionate about teaching people how to become a life coach.

Here's What Some Recent Attendees Had To Say About The "Ultimate Communication Program"...

After hearing Ben speak about PCM yesterday in Melbourne, my relationship with my partner completely changed. I have been struggling with this relationship for the 3 months, thinking I can't stand it anymore. I feel "heavy" and weighted down. Every time I thought of the guy, I felt apprehensive instead of excited and happy. In fact, I called our relationship off 3 weeks ago, saying I need a break.

When my partner gets really frustrated, he speaks to me so aggressively. Ben said this type of communicator will "take you down". In fact, the other day I heard my partner use a similar phrase when saying what he would do in a testy situation. He said, "I would bring it to it's knees."

No wonder I feel heavy and weighted down. My partner has been "taking me down."

Now that I understand that is a stress communication style, a mask, and not my partner's everyday communication style, I can communicate with him differently.

The funny thing is that, now I understand why we were miscommunicating, the heavy feeling has gone and I can't remember what triggered it in the first place. I feel much happier.

Thanks Ben.


The most beneficial personal and professional development investment we made in our senior leadership team during my tenure as Chief Human Resources Officer at GM Financial!

PCM went far beyond DISC, MBTI, or many other models out there. It has become a part of the language of our organization. Through this investment the team was able to blow through roadblocks that had inhibited higher levels of productivity, healthy conflict, achieving meaningful strategic outcomes, and undertaking creative redesign of our way of "thinking".



In arguably one of  the most complex, rapidly changing and high-risk environments possible, PCM has revolutionised the way teams are interacting within our busy Surgical Department.

Director Surgical Service Group
Sunshine Coast Hospital


PCM is seriously powerful and does work and it does bring value in a practical day to day way to me personally and my business. PCM became part of our company’s DNA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend if I don't have a business?
Yes, the program is for anybody that needs to communicate and have harmonious & effective relationships with others

Is this just a profiling tool like DISC or MBTI?
Definitely not. This is a robust communication training scientifically validated by NASA. Profiling is a small part of what you will be capable of doing. You will also be able to predict behaviour patterns, distress sequences and so much more that profiling tools cannot do

Will I be certified after the course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate and be able to use the communication skills in your work, business or life (To be able to certify others, you will need to attend additional training)

Is there any pre-work?
Yes, you will be sent logins to your personality pattern questionnaire after enrolling


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