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What made Steve Jobs such a charismatic and effective presenter?

Read The Top 7 Presenting Secrets of Steve Jobs and learn how to inspire the WORLD with your ideas!

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The Top 7 Presenting Secrets of Steve Jobs: How To Become A Sensational Speaker

Without a doubt, Steve Jobs is one of the best, if not THE best, corporate storytellers in the world. Not only does his keynote presentations continue to get millions of views on YouTube, but he has also deeply impacted the way leaders communicate today.

Steve Jobs was a sensational speaker because aside from informing his audience, he inspired and entertained them. His presentations had all the hallmarks of a great movie – a brilliant script, heroes and villains, and dazzling visuals.

Want to become the next Steve Jobs? The Top 7 Presenting Secrets of Steve Jobs free eBook from Authentic Education contains presentation techniques and public speaking techniques that you can directly copy from him.

Once you’re done reading, you’ll learn his top seven presentation secrets in detail, some of which are:

  • Stating A Big Fat Claim

A Big Fat Claim is a concise and specific claim about the core benefit your customer can expect to receive which sets you apart from the competition. Use this in your sales presentations, cold calls, slogans for courses, emails, flyers or any piece of marketing material.

  • Presenting With Passion

Steve Jobs didn’t sell computers. He sold an experience! Be passionate and excited when presenting because it will give your audience permission to show their excitement too. Also, if you’re not thrilled about your service or product, why would your audience be?

  • Using The Rule Of 3

If you talk about too many points in your presentation, your audience will surely forget everything that you’ve said. So what Jobs did was to divide his presentations into three parts called, “The Rule of 3”.

There are also exercises in the eBook where you get to practise each technique so you can effectively apply them into your presentations.

The Top 7 Presenting Secrets of Steve Jobs – FREE Download

Get started on your journey towards becoming the next Steve Jobs by downloading The Top 7 Presenting Secrets of Steve Jobs today! If you use just a few of Steve Jobs’ speech methods, your presentations will surely catch the eye of your dream clients.

We hope you enjoy this free download, and we’ll leave you with one of our favourite Steve Jobs quotes:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

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