Cell Yourself – The Power of Cellular Alignment (2 CDs)

Dear fellow learner,

Have you tried to change something in the past but could not make it stick?
Or have you been mentally trying to get yourself to change your behaviour or emotions?

The good news is, there is a science behind it.

In this 2 CD audio program, Benjamin J Harvey explains the biology of change and how you can use it to feel positive emotions more consistently and change a behaviourpermanently.

Prepare to learn, laugh and change as Benjamin J Harvey shares his 15 years of research into human potential. You will experience a deeper understanding of:

  1. Why change must start at the cellular level
  2. Key areas of your nervous system used to create change
  3. Common elements to anything you want to create
  4. Daily action steps to create lasting change

Track Listing

CD 1 (Running time: 72 minutes)

1.01 - Intro
1.02 - Opening
1.03 - Welcome
1.04 - 3 Steps To Cellular Change
1.05 - Setting Your Intention
1.06 - The Set Up
1.07 - The Process
1.08 - Change That Didn't Stick
1.09 - Failure Leaves Clues
1.10 9 Roadblocks To Change (1-3)
1.11 - I Got A Feeling
1.12 - 9 Roadblocks To Change (4-6)
1.13 - Winning The Lotto

CD 2 (Running time: 36 minutes)

2.01 - The 8 Stages Of Your Authentic Self
2.02 - Gratitude
2.03 - Eat Your Favourite Food
2.04 - 9 Roadblocks (7-9)
2.05 - Relax And Breathe
2.06 - Compounding Energy
2.07 - The 9 Accelerators
2.08 - Summary & Thank You
2.09 - Final Words


I just finished listening to Cell Yourself and wanted to thank Authentic Education from the bottom of my heart for sending me this program because:

  1. it has clarified many points within my mind
  2. it has reassured me that I am on the path to success in all areas of my life (even if it doesn't all make sense at the moment)
  3. it has reinforced several techniques which I have already been using (whether consciously or subconsciously)
  4. and for all the other reasons whatever they are:
    Forever Infinitely Grateful
    - Branka Grabez, Sydney

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Cell Yourself – The Power of Cellular Alignment