Entering the Zen Zone – Guided exercises that instantly silence the mind (2 CDs)


Have you tried meditating before but got distracted?
Have you found it boring or perhaps you didn't see the point of meditating?

In this 2 CD audio program, Benjamin J Harvey explains the power and benefits of meditation using guided exercises so you don't fall asleep!

Prepare to learn, laugh and change as Benjamin J Harvey shares his 15 years of research into human potential. You will:

Learn how to live in the present moment
Gain more clarity throughout your day
Learn a simple method for silencing the mind you can use anywhere
Utilize the SAFR and SABA cycles to become aware of your feelings and actions
Experience the easy to follow guided exercises

Track Listing

CD 1 - The Zen Zone Explained

(Running time: 41 minutes)
1.01 - Intro
1.02 - Welcome
1.03 - Why Meditate
1.04 - Learning The Name Game
1.05 - Training The Mind
1.06 - The Essence
1.07 - The SAFR Cycle
1.08 - Final Instructions
1.09 - Your First Time
1.10 - Name Game Explained

CD 2 - Guided Exercises

(Running time: 33 minutes)
2.01 - Intro
2.02 - 10 Minute Meditation
2.03 - 20 Minute Meditation
2.04 - Final Words

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Entering The Zen Zone