New Year’s Revolution


Dear Determined Seeker of The Best Life Possible

Have you ever had to wake up ridiculously early for a plane flight?
When the alarm goes off, the sun may not be up, but you are
ready and energised...

And you didn't even hit the snooze button!
Well, the same is true for planning your year.
The smart time to set your goals for the new year is now!

This is because planning creates a strong intention,
to get you totally focussed on achieving your outcome.

So please make a nice cup of tea or a refreshing summer drink...
And sit down to reflect on
How To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever!

1. Ask yourself:

What worked well for me this year?

2. Next, ask yourself:

What would I like to improve this year?

3. Then, ask yourself:

What is the one thing I would like to master this year?

4. DECIDE what you're committed to achieving

What do you want in these 9 areas of your life?

  1. Happiness/Wellbeing
  2. Freedom (including Luxury Items, Travel etc)
  3. Spiritual/Mental
  4. Education/Development
  5. Relationships (self and others)
  6. Health
  7. Career
  8. Finance
  9. Family

5. Write your goals down - on just ONE PAGE

Then once this has been done spend a moment expanding your thinking by stretching your imagination out to the end of the year to see which achievements are going to make you feel most fulfilled.

6. Download your free

  1. My Life for The Year (Example) - doc and pdf versions available
  2. My Life for The Year (Blank) - doc and pdf versions available

New Year's Revolution

7. The AMAZING OFFER to help you


Benjamin J Harvey has led over 10,000 personal coaching sessions,
helping ordinary people to achieve their heart’s desires. He is one of the
best coaches in Australia today and delivers training all over the world
on how to achieve your full human potential.

You will receive:

90 Minute Audio Instruction from Ben on
How To Design the “My Life For The Year” Goal Setting Sheet
30 DAYS of UNLIMITED email coaching.


During the Audio Program, you will learn:

  • The top three insights from a coach for achieving your goals with ease
  • How best to set your intention and major objective for the year
  • How to define your master skill
  • How to use your energy to plan your goals and set the level/number/amount so you achieve them easily
  • The correct number of goals to set in each main area of life
  • What to do with the one page plan once it is completed

Track List

Total running time: 90 minutes

01 - Intro
02 - What Are Goals
03 - Welcome To The Call
04 - 3 Questions To Prepare
05 - What Will You Master This Year
06 - Keep It Simple With Your Review
07 - Two Types Of Energy To Feel Good
08 - A Brief Outline Of Communication
09 - 3 Goals Is The Magic Number
10 - Create The Goals - Happiness And Wellbeing
11 - Freedom And Travel
12 - Spiritual Or Mental
13 - Education And Development
14 - Relationships
15 - Health
16 - Career
17 - Finance
18 - Family
19 - Why Create Goals First
20 - Your Major Objective For The New Year
21 - Discovering Your Life Purpose
22 - Your Action Question
23 - Top 3 Insights From An Expert Coach
24 - What Does Your Intuition Say
25 - Huge Amount Of Mental Rehearsal
26 - ImaginAction
27 - Defining Your Master Skill
28 - The Summary
29 - E.Q.U.A.L. Learning
30 - What About The Goals You Do Not Achieve
31 - One Last Gem...
32 - The Final Piece Of The Puzzle
33 - Congratulations
34 - Final Words

90 minute Audio Instruction
from one of Australia's leading coaches


PS - Now, for those of you who think $30 is too much of a risk, here’s our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:

If you don’t laugh at least once (that includes at me), learn something valuable you can use right away, or feel you got your $30 worth, just ask for your money back.

New Year's Revolution

Here’s to your unlimited potential.

With gratitude,

Bens Signature
Benjamin J Harvey
Difference-Maker Mentor