Entering the Zen Zone Reference Material

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There are many ways to silence the mind and increase your intuition. I have found that the best thing to do is pick the one that you find easiest to do and stick with it long enough to enjoy the benefits. Do not keep jumping from technique to technique. It is like anything in life if you focus on it long enough you will always reap the rewards.
I will outline one that I have modelled from a process Dr Wayne Dyer teaches. The original technique is called Japa and was handed down to Wayne by Sri Guruji.

I would like to explain up front the reason it is so important. The quieter you can allow your mind to become the more open you are to the gentle prompts your intuition is giving you on a daily basis. As you learn to connect to that soft voice inside you are able to tap into the infinite wisdom that is inside each and every one of us. The best thing you can do is have a mind that is "open to anything and attached to nothing". This is really how I choose to look at all new concepts, just be open to them and do not be attached to your old way of thinking.

First thing you want to do is find a comfortable place to sit, you can do it at your desk at work or your couch at home or anywhere you like. Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the centre of the page then in the middle of the line draw a circle. So you end up with two columns and a circle in the centre of the page on the dividing line.

In big letters go ahead and write your first name on the left hand side of the page and write it a few times. You can go over the one you already wrote or write it in several different places in the left hand column. Stop and look at the name and what it means to you. Next on the right hand side of the page go ahead and write your last name in the same way you wrote your first.


Once this is done spend a few moments looking at the left column, turning your head to the left, then looking at the right column, turning your head to the right, then looking straight into the centre at the circle in the middle of the page, turning your head to face the centre. Do this for about ten seconds on each area i.e. 10 seconds on the left column, 10 seconds on the right column and 10 seconds in the centre. At this stage we are just training the mind. Once you practice this a few times you will be able to do it instantly.

Next, take a few nice relaxing breaths then gently close your eyes as you set the intention to just relax and let go. Inside your mind go ahead and create the thought of your first name by seeing your ‘first name’ in the left hand side of your brain as you gently turn your head to face the left hand side. Hear yourself say the name in the left side of your mind. Repeat it a few times, even spell out the letters and think of what it means to you all in the left hand side of your mind.

From there move over to the right hand side of your mind and create the thought of your ‘last name’ following the exact same steps as listed before. Hear yourself say your last name in the right side of your mind and as you gently turn your head to face the right hand side. Repeat it a few times, even spell out the letters and think of what it means to you all in the right hand side of your mind.

Then gently begin to move back to the thought of your first name on the left and pause in the middle of the two thoughts in the centre of your mind and simply surrender into the gap between your thoughts. Once in the "gap" of your thoughts, the silence, it is a nice time to take a few slow, deep, relaxing breaths just enjoying the peace and expansive nature of the silence for as long as is possible.

Once a thought arose that was not invited or part of my name I would instantly say my first name while turning my head back to the left hand side as if to train the mind to understand that between my first and last name no other thought exists. The reason this is such a powerful and effective technique for silencing the mind is because very few people understand just how fickle the mind is.

I cannot stress to you enough just how critical meditation is to your success. The mind only thinks when it is nervous for want of a better word. If your mind has come from a thought and is going to another thought then there is no reason for it to generate any new thoughts because it knows exactly where it is in the thinking process. It can kind of switch off.

Using your first and last names works so well because as a neurological pathway in your mind it has never had any other words or thoughts exist between them. What this means is when your mind thinks of your first name the next logical thought is your last name therefore it is far easier to enter the gap and switch off between these thoughts without being disturbed or interrupted by any other thoughts.

If you are not a visual person and cannot see the word it is not relevant, you can just say it inside your mind or think of its meaning. Try to remain perfectly relaxed during this technique and try not to move your eyes from side to side while going from thought to thought. In the beginning this will be a little difficult as your eyes will naturally want to follow the motion of the thoughts, and over time this will become easier. Remember this is all in your mind! If you can't stop your eyes from moving with little to no effort then simply allow them to do whatever is most comfortable.

Do not be concerned with how well you perform this technique for the technique will work regardless. You just need to participate with enthusiasm and a knowing that just the ‘intention’ of using this technique will assist you to connect at a deeper level with those around you.

I find that the repetitive unimportant thoughts cease to exist. The longer you can stay in the gap between your first and last name and the more breaths you are able to take before uninvited thoughts arise the stronger you will become at detaching in life scenarios and the louder your intuition will be.

Through entering into silence miracles await you in any situation you encounter. You cannot even begin to imagine how amazing the coincidences you experience become as you spend more and more time in the gap of infinite possibility.

With Gratitude




Benjamin J Harvey
Difference-Maker Mentor